Gothic - Course Curriculum


Introduction to Gothic Script:

  • History and origins of Gothic Script
  • Understanding the characteristics and letterforms of Gothic Script
  • Exploration of different Gothic Script styles
      Tools and Materials:
      • Overview of essential calligraphy tools required for Gothic Script
      • Guidance on selecting the right pens, nibs, and ink for the script
      • Understanding the importance of paper and practice sheets for optimal results
          Foundational Strokes and Letterforms:
          • Detailed instruction on the basic strokes and fundamental letterforms of Gothic Script
          • Practice exercises to develop consistent and graceful strokes
          • Step-by-step guidance for forming uppercase and lowercase letters in the script
              Spacing, Alignment, and Layout:
              • Techniques for achieving proper spacing between letters and words
              • Guidelines for aligning text and creating harmonious compositions
              • Tips for developing a balanced and visually appealing layout
                  Refining Your Skills:
                  • Advanced techniques for adding flourishes, embellishments, and decorative elements
                  • Troubleshooting common challenges and improving consistency in letterforms
                  • Practice sessions and drills to enhance speed and accuracy in writing Gothic Script
                      Final Project:
                      • A culminating project to apply the learned skills and create a finished piece in Gothic Script
                      • Individual feedback and guidance from the instructor to refine the final project

                      ALL YEAR WORKSHOPS