Engrossers - Course Curriculam


Introduction to Engrossers Script:

  • History and evolution of Engrosser's Script.
  • Understanding the characteristics and principles of the style.
  • Exploring the tools and materials used in Engrosser's Script.

Foundational Skills:

  • Mastering proper posture and hand positioning.
  • Understanding basic strokes and letterforms.
  • Practicing consistent letter spacing and alignment.

Letter Construction:

  • Step-by-step breakdown of uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Learning the proper pen. movements and techniques for each letter.
  • Achieving uniformity and balance in letterforms.

Word and Sentence Composition:

  • Applying Engrosser's Script to create beautiful words and sentences.
  • Developing a sense of rhythm and flow in your compositions.
  • Exploring different stylistic variations within Engrosser's Script.

Design and Layout:

  • Principles of layout and composition in calligraphy.
  • Creating visually appealing compositions using Engrosser's Script.

Troubleshooting and Refinement:

  • Common challenges in Engrosser's Script & how to overcome them.
  • Techniques for achieving consistency and precision in your lettering.
  • Refining your skills through practice and feedback.

Final Project and Showcase:

  • Applying all techniques and skills in a final calligraphic project.
  • Presenting your work to celebrate your progress and achievements.